Current Working Service Dogs

The success or failure of any Service Dog Program can be dependent on the quality performance asked of the working service dog.  Departments must ensure that the existing service dogs and newly acquired service dog are adequately trained and that minimum performance standards and goals must be clearly established.

Agencies which employ service dogs which do not meet or exceed National minimum standards of performance are risking that sooner or later they will be challenged in a court of law as to their service dog's effectiveness.

independent evaluations

Waddell Kennels offers different independent evaluations of service dogs to assist you in development or enhancement of your existing or expanding Canine program.  We offer the following evaluation services:

New Service Dog Candidates

One of the greatest problems facing any department is the selection of a suitable service dog.  This applies whether your department is starting a service dog program or replacing an existing dog. Service dog candidates must be temperamentally suited to perform the priority task your department desires.  Good quality dogs are difficult to find, and expensive training costs can add up even higher when you figure in the costs of employees hours wasted on a poorly selected dog.  It is extremely disappointing and expensive when an improperly selected dog fails the training program.

Waddell Kennels is available to assist you in selecting a new service dog candidate for your valuable program.  It is most cost effective and advantageous that your new service dog candidate is properly raw talent tested.  This will ensure that the dog is suitable to perform your departments particular needs and fit your training program.