Waddell Kennels will only utilize canine teams that are certified by a nationally recognized organization such as the The National Police Canine Association and or the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association.

Waddell Kennel Service Dog Teams are trained by our professional trainers. 

  • Mark Green has 23 years of Law Enforcement experience.
  • Ralph Pendergast has 40 years of Law Enforcement experience.


Waddell Kennels service dogs can be trained specifically with Educational facilities in mind.

Waddell Kennels service dog teams are trained to locate all four commonly abused illicit drug odors. 

  • Narcotics (marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin and other derivatives)
  • Other odors that are pertinent to your needs may be accommodated.

Waddell Kennels properly trained and certified dogs are a great tool for schools to promote a safe and drug free learning facility.

It sends a message to students, staff and the community that the school is committed to ensuring that the campus is a safe learning environment.

The service dogs presence has shown to have a profound effect to deter contraband on school property.

Waddell Kennels service dog teams are trained with real drug odors, no pseudo training aids are used.